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Child Custody Law

Utilizing detailed and individualized plans.

Deciding on the child custody and visitation arrangements for your children can be one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of your family law case. Each case is different. Some children have special needs or concerns that need to be addressed. Sometimes parents have issues that prevent them from safely parenting their children The custody and visitation plan needs appropriate safeguards to ensure that the children are living in a safe environment.


Divorce Attorney Kingsport, TN | Child Custody Lawyer - Daniel J. Cantwell

Every family has a different situation, and Mr. Cantwell has extensive experience to draw from in helping you through this type of litigation. Whether you are deciding custody and visitation for the first time or are contemplating changing your arrangements after a life changing event, you will need an experienced, local family lawyer to help you determine your family’s specific needs and help you get them resolved.

Mr. Cantwell's experience has been that success depends upon a detailed and individualized plan that is decided upon early on in your case. Call our office today to get started!